Saturday, May 4, 2013

More Flash Cards

Squeaker has shown a great interest in Phonics songs lately. So I figured she needed phonics cards. A set of cards the had words with the right sounds to learn phonics, especially for the vowels. I'm terrible with vowel sounds, so I needed good words so I could say the word and then be able to teach the right sound. At Trey's request on uppercase vowel word makes the long sound and the lowercase word makes the short sound. On a couple it's very hard for me to tell the difference but those of you who are normal will probably be fine. :) Just click on the picture caption and you can load the pdf file.
Oh I finally sate down and laminated all of these sets and for a regular size lamination pouch I was able to get 5 cards per page. So for all 5 sets (Music Notes, Colors, Numbers 0-40, Shapes and Phonics) was a little over 30 pouches.

Phonics Flash Cards

We have had a couple of people who wanted to donate to our cause. We tried a "GiveForward" account but it didn't raise much money and those accounts can't be extended. I would have to start a new fundraiser every time. Which is something I really don't want to deal with.
Instead I have opened an Etsy shop. The free downloads will still be here. But if you would like to pay for the Minecraft Bingo or any of the flash cards I've created you can. The choice is up to you. :) If you have any questions or issues please contanct me directly at
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