Monday, April 22, 2013

Flash Cards

Obviously we spend a lot of time in doctors offices, hospitals for testing, and at home in quarantine. Which creates an interesting problem, what to do with all that time? Yes we watch a lot of movies, Squeaker plays games on our phones or tablets, and we just bounce a lot. Lately I've been trying to think of more educational activities to be doing. Ya' know letters, numbers, words, colors pre school things. Since Squeaker is still getting the hang of talking and some of her fine motor skills are still developing Flash Cards are a great option.

Squeaker loves her cards. She practices organizing, stacking, putting in and out. And of course what ever is on the card. The only problem so far is finding the cards I want at a reasonable price. For instance we want to work on numbers. Not counting just recognizing the numbers over ten. So she knows eleven isn't one-one. Store bought cards all have pictures to help visualize how many eleven is. Which is great but Squeaker get distracted by the pictures and ignores the number. So it just doesn't work for us. Very frustrating.

The only logical thing was make my own Flash Card Sets. Once I got the basic format done my mind flooded with what to put on the cards. I'm just so excited that I can print it all from home. That way it saves money and of course if I loose a few cards I can just print those ones again. And I have a laminator to make my cards really sturdy.

Sooo here it is the first set. Colors, Musical Notes, Numbers, and Shapes. I made them four to a sheet so the cards when cut are just about 5x3.5. They are even boarded for easy cutting. Just click on the links below the pictures. Enjoy!!!
Musical Notes

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