Our Family

LR is the mastermind behind the blog. She was born in Utah but raised in Maine. AmeriCorps *NCCC took her to Colorado, she served a religious mission in Long Beach, California. When an opportunity came for the entire family move to Indiana, although 22, LR decided to go. There she met Trey, they were married and lived in Kentucky. Now they live in Alabama. When not balancing medicines, play time and cleaning LR loves to whip out the cameras. Taking photos and making educational slide show videos.

The most awesome Trey was born and raised in Kentucky. He served his religious mission in Arcadia, California Mandarin Speaking. He then went on to get his Bachelors Degree in Mandarin from BYU. He now works in a job that he loves as a supervisor in a customer service call center. Trey's favorite hobbies are playing "Daddy Monster", reading and cuddling with LR. He also is a bit of a gamer both PS3 and computer games.

Raek is our crazy cat who joined our family in January of 2009. His favorite toys are strings and colored rattle mice.  Although these days he loves to spend all of his time curled up in a little ball at the foot of your bed.

Zelda is our very patient dog we adopted in May 2012. She loves to play outside or just spend the whole day cuddling. Squeaker loves to give Zelda hugs, kisses and throw toys for her. Those two are the best of buddies.


  1. I love your way of coping life. Amacing story. I found you in my hunt for somthing minecraft for my 9 year old grandsons birthdayparty.
    Hugs for all from Karin Leer in Denmark.

  2. Hi, I'm glad that I find your blog. The mine craft bingo it's a live saver. Thanks for shearing your testimonies what a great example for the LDS church you guys are a sweet and beautiful eternal family. Keep the hard work.
    Love sincerely,
    Sister Reni.