Monday, May 16, 2016

Changing, Again...

I am well aware that life is perpetual change. Most changes are small, some are very large and then there are the in-betweens. Where at the moment seem huge but really it's not so big. Or as I like to say, "At first it was life changing, now it's just life."

Small changes:
The weather is nicer which means it's time to climb the trees. This makes Squeaker very happy. Grumpa now calls her stuck-monkey. As you an imagine from time to time she gets in a spot she can't figure out how to get down from.

Poor Squeaker was waking up a lot of days with neck pain. One Saturday we spent about an hour trying out new pillows. Found the perfect fluffy, but firm, memory foam pillow. Since then we've been having to see the chiropractor less often. I was very thankful for the sale at Kohls that week. Making it a $12 pillow instead of $30.

Big Changes:
My new job. I worked at Churchill Downs for the week of Kentucky Derby. My shortest day was 8hrs. My next shortest day was 14hrs, the rest were 18hrs- 20hrs. I missed home and I was missed by Trey and Squeaker. The restaurant took me on full time after the Derby. My days are much shorter now but it is still a big change.

We are taking a break from infusion. In order to get new lab work, and check titers we have to stop he IGG therapy. The stuff has a 21 day half life which means a minimum of three months off. It will probably be 4 months once its all said and done. There is a chance Squeaker won't need to go back on therapy. These could be some very big changes.

The In Betweens:
Lots of medications. We've had some adjustments to medications the last couple of months. Each time requiring a change in routine. We quickly found a new normal with all of it.

Chores, chores and more chores. We are trying to teach young Squeaker how to be fairly normal. So she has chores and responsibilities in the house. Most are brush your hair, brush your teeth, get dressed, things of the nature. She is also required to fold and put her laundry away, empty the dishwasher, and set the table. These are all unpaid responsibilities. There are a few other things on her list that are harder tasks that if she does them we pay her 25-50 cents. These include but not limited to, sleeping in her own bed, making her bed and emptying the trash each week. Squeaker has had to learn some things, and do things when she doesn't want too. Overall she is learning about contributing to the household.

Last on our list today is reading books. For ages Squeaker has had very little interest in books or stories. I think she didn't like them because in order to read you had to sit and slow down. Slowing down made her sleepy and sleep is a scary thing for her. Well in the last couple of months Squeaker has started to like reading and being read to. Much to my delight she enjoys listening to me read Harry Potter to her. Trey bought me the illustrated copy for Christmas and Squeaker likes to see the colorful pictures. The downside to her love of the story is we read very little at a time. Just before Squeaker falls asleep she likes me to stop reading, that way she doesn't miss any of the story.