Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Even The 4 Year Old

Even the 4 year old can tell that infusion is working. The last two month or so Squeaker's infusion hasn't be lasting all week. She has it Monday night and then by Friday she is starting to act sick. Saturday, Sunday and Monday just all stink in many ways. Lots of temper-tantrums, meltdowns, and lack of sleep. Its just a loooooong few days. Then Tuesday morning Squeaker wakes up cheery, happy and she is less likely to melt down. With the flick of a swtich life is good again, then over the week the light burns out.

Last week was just awful. With Squeaker fighting a cold, an unexpected trip to Florida over the weekend. Oh goodness it's just been so hard. Then last night was Infusion. Or course Squeaker pitched a bit of a fit. But it was said and done soon enough. This morning was Magic Tuesday again. Yes Squeaker is still a little sick, she just can't shake this cold. But there have been few melt downs but nothing major. Then around 1pm Squeaker and I had this conversation.
Squeaker: "Fusion today?"
Me: "No. 6 more days."
Squeaker: (Agitated) "But fusion today."
Me: "Not today sweetie."
Squeaker: (Stamping her feet) "Fusion"
Me: "Why do you want fusion."
Squeaker: "Fusion feel better. I feel better."
Me: "Does fusion make you feel better so you want more fusion so you can feel even better."
Squeaker: "Yeah. More better."

Not only was it just awesome for her to put her thoughts into words. But she gets it! I know she hates having needles stuck in her belly every week. Honestly who would. But that she understood what "fusion" does for her is just amazing. She really is a smart little kiddo.