Tuesday, April 22, 2014

So Very Cool

Yesterday I bought Squeaker some new bubble wands. Nothing big just a little Wal-Mart three pack. These little wands are great to toss in a diaper bag (in a plastic baggie) and keep on hand for long waits at the doctor's office. In the past someone has always had to do the blowing for Squeaker. Then yesterday and today it happened. Squeaker started to blow her own bubbles. Maybe little to the rest of the world but around here that is fantastic breakthrough.

3 Years of Breathing Treatment Co-pays: $360
8 Months of Occupational Therapy

Co-pays: $104
Bubbles: $1
Seeing Your Daughter Blow Her Own Bubbles: Priceless

Monday, April 14, 2014

We Are Still Here

So the last 6 weeks have been a little crazy, okay crazier than usual.

In March we saw Dr. King (Gastroenterology). Squeaker had been complaining of a lot of lower abdominal pain. Dr. King added another pain killer to her medicines. Then he ordered an abdominal ultra sound and a barium swallow to check intestinal function. 
The Ultra Sound came back normal. Which is nice. The barium swallow went well... but slow. I mean re...al.....ly slooooooow. For the normal person from the time you eat to the time your food is sitting in your colon is about 90 minutes - 2 hours. So the test usually takes 2 hours. Squeaker's took nearly 5 hours. Yes you read the right FIVE HOURS!!  Which is a crazy long time to hang around the lab and un-able to eat. This test did tell us the source of the abdominal pain. It's just her gut trying to work. So it's the same pain she has had her entire life now she can tell us about it.

IVIG Sub Q has been going really well. About once every three weeks Squeaker has a reaction to the treatments. Usually she will get really fussy, throw up, takes a nap and his fine. A small price to pay for overall health. Speaking of we are about to hit week 4 of being healthy. Yup sticking my child every week with needles is worth it for that!

During our trip to Indiana I had oral surgery. Just some gum tissue and jaw bone removed. It has been a issue plaguing me for years so I'm glad to have it done. I have been healing really well with no complications. A couple more weeks and all the internal swelling and joint pain should be gone. Just in time for summer to hit!

Well Trey was a sweetheart and brought home a Redbox that I really wanted to see and Squeaker is finally asleep.