Friday, October 9, 2015


It has been 30 days since my last post and boy what a time we have had.

It started off with a miracle. We were told that Squeaker qualified for 1 free month of Infusion
 medication. We had applied a couple of months ago to the IGIQ program and we had received a letter saying that she wasn't approved. Then one day out of the blue we get a call asking us where they can send her medication. Trey spent two days and many hours figuring out where it could be sent and getting updated information to the company sending the medication. It was shipped to a local specialty pharmacy where all we had to do was walk in and pick it up. AMAZING!! We started to see improvement within a few days. Sadly we also saw it wear off early because it is still building in her system. But each week we get a little better. Squeaker's insurance also was approved a couple weeks later. The people at IGIQ are helping us get the medication with her insurance. Talking to the specialty pharmacy, and the doctor for us. Hours of work we don't have to do. It is wonderful.

We also had the big yard sale. The neighborhood has yard sales twice a year. And because it's the
whole area lots and lots of people come. Sold most of the stuff we don't need anymore and put a lot more out in the trash. Made some money and had a lot of fun. I'm just glad that all our stuff has gone to loving homes.

I had a grand adventure. I spent TWO whole days immersed in Harry Potter. The local Science Center had a Harry Potter movie marathon on their 4 story IMAX screen. Trey bought me tickets to go by myself. Saturday was movies 1-4. It was a lot of fun, but boy
at the end of the day was I mess. **Spoiler Alert** Cedric Diggory still dies. Every time I watch the movie or read the books some part of me hopes maybe this time he won't die. I know it's crazy but I just love the character so much. Sunday we watched movies 5-8. Yup. Not a dry eye in the place by the end of it. When the final movie ended you wanted start all over. Yes we were all that crazy. We also had costume contests, trivia, and general discussions about the books and movies. It was a lot of fun. I hope they do it again in a few years when maybe I can take Squeaker or a friend.

The other big thing was I made Squeaker's Halloween costume. It was much easier than I had anticipated. A LOT easier. It took only about 5 hours to lay out, cut, and sew. I keep thinking I missed something or it will fall apart. But so far so good.

Here's to continuing finding the good in the world.