Monday, February 23, 2015

Hanging On

The nasty no sleep monster has decided to come back for a visit. He's been here almost 3 weeks and
his welcome is worn out. The biggest problem is the lack of cause. We know that Squeaker is un-well but poor sleep is pretty much the only symptom. Her nose has been a little runny but with no cough or serious congestion there isn't a lot we can do about it. We have the humidifier going, essential oils, upped her pain killers, not skipping inhalers, keeping the house cold. It is all helping some but not a lot. She is still waking every 45-90 minutes. There are times when she can get herself back to sleep but most of the time she needs some sort of attention.
So right now I'm in hanging on mode.

At this exact moment I'm in buried mode. I have Squeaker at my right, Zelda at my legs and Raek has plopped his 20lb self on my chest. I wish you could see it. Hahaha.

Monday, February 9, 2015

It's Just A Lot

Quick update and then I'm off to bed.

Trey has been in a specialized physical therapy program for 4 weeks now. And although he still feels like his brain is on the ocean he can walk in the house without a cane. Once out of the house he is supposed to use the cane because in less familiar surroundings you use more of your brain. We acquired a temporary Disabled Parking Permit for him. Especially when he has to drive himself to class. Yup Trey is still in grad school. We looked into pulling out for the semester but it was too late. It's been an adjustment in study habits but he is making it work. We have also started tracking calories, sodium, and sugar intake for the both of us. Not only is this helping us both stay on track about loosing weight but we can show all the doctors the sodium and sugar intake for Trey. Yes, they ask about that stuff.

Squeaker as you may have read is no longer squeaking. Looking back over that last few months though we have noticed she has been talking more. Sadly some of that talking is arguing and poor attitude. Hey she is 4 it was bound to happen. Sometimes it's kind of funny because she will try to take away our privileges when we don't do exactly as she asks. Sorry kiddo, that's just not how it works. Our biggest struggle has been when she gets hungry. Food can still be very painful for Squeaker so getting her to eat is a struggle. But if she doesn't eat oh my that's a horrible struggle. Trey and I have chosen our line in the sand and there were stay. We know it will get better and being a consistent parent is hard but we know it will pay off in the end.

As for me. Oh well I'm busy. If you didn't figure that out already. I am doing 99% of the driving, I try to entertain Squeaker daily so Trey can study. I try to keep laundry moving and cleaning done. I do the cooking, figure the calories, and pack up all the leftovers. I've also starting doing some testing site stuff to help earn a little extra money. Currently Trey is on short term disability insurance which is wonderful. But is getting to the point that it only pays 60% of his salary. I'm very happy it pays that, but it does leave us a little short every month. We have some savings but it won't last forever. I just figure if I can start now the longer the savings will last. I would love to pick up some work at home data entry. There are jobs out there but where Trey is not able to care for Squeaker, and do his rehab, I can only work during the night hours at home. In the future I may need to take a late night shift outside the home but we aren't there yet. Oh and to top it off I'm on day 3 of 5 of an antibiotic. I have a sinus and respiratory infection.

Which folks just proves how awesome my husband is. Trey has a lot going on. I know that chronic vertigo doesn't sound like much of a diagnosis but it is really hard to constantly feel like you are falling over. While I've been sick Trey has just been doing as much as he can. This weekend when he didn't have to study he's been letting me sleep. Since I still sit with Squeaker to put her to sleep he makes me warmed caramel milk and brings it to me. Then tells me "When she is asleep your bath will be ready." I mean honestly does a hubby get any better? He's just so awesome.

Well that's the update. I should get some shut eye. We see the Neurologist tomorrow afternoon. We aren't expecting much in the way of answers, but maybe a few ideas of what to do next or try would be nice.  So ya know, we'll see. :)