Saturday, March 1, 2014


Squeaker now has a "Give Forward" fundraising account. A Mine Craft Bingo lover mentioned that we should set one up. I looked at the options and chose Give Forward because it was simple, straight forward, and they deal with all the non-profit stuff.

I put a link in the side bar so it's easy to find :) Any money donated will go to Squeaker's medical costs. Which include but are not limited to:
Gasoline to 3 specialist doctors- $30 a trip
Medicines- $50-$75 a month (on a good month)
Copays- $13 a visit
Specialized Diet Items
Therapy Toys
and if we raise enough we could probably get an maid service to help deep clean and sterilize our home more often.

I don't expect to raise a lot but if someone wants to contribute now they can. 

The Give Forward has closed. We will not be opening another one since the time they stay open is so short. We have decided that since we have several free downloads we should open an Etsy shop. This means if you want to pay for the Mincraft Bingo or another flash cards you can.
Come visit our Etsy shop:
Life With Squeaker