2013 Year Review

Can you believe 2013 is almost gone? Around here time has just seemed to fly which is a little crazy because so much happened.
  Oh and there is a pecan tree in the yard, a really big one. LR’s folks are extremely excited about all the pecans that we are harvesting. Squeaker is a wonderful nut gatherer; she loves to go “Get nuts for Grumpa.”
  Squeaker has had a very busy year. She recently weighed in at 27lbs and measured just shy of 3ft tall. We are finally seeing some consistent growth for her, much to the doctor’s relief. Squeaker continues to love music and dancing. In July she started Speech and Occupational Therapy. What a wonderful blessing that has been. LR has been able to learn the techniques to help Squeaker be confident in her speech and be willing to use her words to communicate.  The occupational therapist has been working with Squeaker to strengthen her hands and fingers so she can do more on her own. Squeaker has even started drawing and coloring. In September Squeaker turned 3! Shortly after her birthday we received word from the one of the medical specialists that Squeaker has a Primary Immune Deficiency. This diagnosis is an umbrella for all sorts of Immune Deficiencies. Squeaker’s immune system does not make enough antibodies to support her immune system. In December Squeaker had her fist Infusion Therapy (IVIG). The hope is that it will teach her immune system how to work and she will only need it for a few months. If that doesn’t work Squeaker may need the therapy every month for the rest of her life.  Just looking at her Squeaker is one of the happiest kids you’ll ever meet.
  LR is busy being a mom and wife. After reading what Squeaker has been through this year you can imagine that being a mom and wife to this family is a lot, but it’s not all she’s done. This March LR finally had braces put on her teeth. LR is very excited to see her teeth straightening out and her gum line becoming healthier.  In the midst of staying on top of Squeaker’s and Trey’s needs LR has started a blog, www.lifewithsqueaker.blogspot.com. It chronicles what it is like raise a child with chronic illnesses. She also keeps trying new creations in the kitchen, mostly in the form of cupcakes. Believe it or not she even found time to do some photography work.
The year started off with monitoring the repairs to the new house and moving in. That’s right we are now in a house!! With nearly twice the square footage as our town house, no stairs, another bedroom and a fully fenced yard you can say we are pretty happy. Okay we are more than happy, we are in love. It’s been such a blessing this year to not only be in a house away from crazy apartment people but to be in the neighborhood we are in. We have such loving neighbors all around us that look out for our well being and needs.
Trey has worked another year at his call center as a Supervisor. This year the Huntsville call center went from covering both cable and internet to just cable. It was a bit of a change for Trey since he was working on the internet side but he has done really well.  Trey has really enjoyed have the house this year especially the screened back patio. There were some nice summer days where lunch or dinner was served out there. After about 5 weeks of study Trey passed the GMAT with a 530! That score secured his entrance into the University of Alabama in Huntsville (UAH) MBA program. Trey's work will even help pay for tuition. Trey will continue to work full time the program will take around 4 years to complete.  Classes begin in January 2014, up first Calculus and Organizational Management.

May the New Year find you Happy and Bright! 

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