Saturday, August 8, 2015

A Perfect Moment

Life has been crazy. I'm back to work, Trey is a stay at home Dad. Family birthdays, family visits, merging into a new household. Today was crazy all by its self. We cleaned bathrooms, vacuumed, argued, played, did laundry, went grocery shopping and even put all the food away. Tonight though there was a perfect moment.

A moment where all was calm and everyone was happy, it was the dinner table. We were slurping our spaghetti and just enjoying the company, and I realized how blessed I was. Squeaker, as messy as it was, was slurping spaghetti. 2 years ago she couldn't even eat spaghetti. She would choke and gag on it. We'd have to use another type of pasta.Thin noodles would get caught in her airway, but not anymore. All I could do was smile.

I then looked at the other side of the table and there was Trey. My wonderful husband. Who had helped me make dinner, clean the house, and run errands. He worked all day and ya know what Trey didn't need his cane. He hasn't a vertigo day in a couple weeks. Trey still gets dizzy from time to time and he still tires pretty easily most days but in general he is getting better. Again all I could do was just smile.

There is was a perfect moment. Life is far from perfect but those moments make it all worth it.