Monday, February 23, 2015

Hanging On

The nasty no sleep monster has decided to come back for a visit. He's been here almost 3 weeks and
his welcome is worn out. The biggest problem is the lack of cause. We know that Squeaker is un-well but poor sleep is pretty much the only symptom. Her nose has been a little runny but with no cough or serious congestion there isn't a lot we can do about it. We have the humidifier going, essential oils, upped her pain killers, not skipping inhalers, keeping the house cold. It is all helping some but not a lot. She is still waking every 45-90 minutes. There are times when she can get herself back to sleep but most of the time she needs some sort of attention.
So right now I'm in hanging on mode.

At this exact moment I'm in buried mode. I have Squeaker at my right, Zelda at my legs and Raek has plopped his 20lb self on my chest. I wish you could see it. Hahaha.

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