Wednesday, March 4, 2015

An Awesome Day

I have had an awesome today. Sure it had it's ups and downs, but as I sit down at the end of it I'm feeling great. What made it great? Well it's the little things.

1- A clean kitchen. I was able to get the dishwasher run and emptied. The kitchen cleaned, some beef cooked and frozen. Then I cooked dinner and cleaned the kitchen.

2- Laundry. I've been a little behind on laundry lately. I usually just do a load every day or two. So it never piles up. Well I feel behind. But with a day a of testing yesterday and doctors today I've just been focusing on getting the laundry clean. Once dry I'd just toss it in the tv room for folding later. Today I finished washing the laundry but getting it folded and put away!

3- Play time with Squeaker. The last few months with trying to take care of Trey and all his appointments I haven't had the energy to play with Squeaker as much as I used too. I feel pretty bad about it a lot of days. But I only have so much energy and when it comes to cooking dinner and playing I kind of need to make dinner. Today it was nice out I had decent energy so we opened the back door and played a game. 30 minutes of just her and me. No fussing, no meltdowns, just play. It was wonderful.

4- Picked up a book. There is a book series called Fablehaven. I have read the first two books, it's a five book series. When I was at the Library with Squeaker last week I saw the series on the shelves. And had the thought I should really finish it. Sadly Book 3 wasn't there, bummer. The librarians had it transferred and today I picked it up. Wahoo!!!

In all the craziness of the last few months I am so very glad to have and AWESOME DAY!!!

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