Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Pure Crazy

I have to say I'm pretty impressed that it's been less than 30 days since my last post. It has just been so very crazy around here. I kept meaning to sit down and post things. Then I would get distracted with life or doing things. Like sewing a new dress for Squeaker. That's right I made that dress!! I'm proud of it. It has appliques, trim, hand beading, binding, an invisible zipper and it is fully lined! Yes dear friends I move truly moved into the world of being a seamstress. I can't design or pattern very well, but I sure can cut read and alter a pattern if needed. Oh happy day!

Squeaker has been pretty healthy. Sleep has started to go back to normal, when we can stay on schedule. The last couple weeks between doctors and travel we have missed a lot of naps. And it has been rough for all of us. Squeaker has been a pretty good trooper about it all but it is rough. This last Monday the tubing broke on Squeaker's infusion. By the time I got the pump stopped almost 2/3rds of her dose was gone. I talked with the pharmacy and they talked to the doctor. We decided since Squeaker has been healthy that we will forgo and extra infusion and just wait until next week. This morning Squeaker woke up sick-ish. Groggy, didn't want to get up for over an hour. She was pretty happy during the day but a stuffy nose and easy meltdowns but we survived. Squeaker will probably get sicker as the week goes on. If she gets too bad we may have to move infusion for this week to Sunday.

Trey is more stable but in his head he is still very dizzy. He has been wearing glasses that help block
certain types of light and hats to minimize the light that gets into his eyes. It seems to be helping a lot keeping the brain in check. Trey still walks with a cane, but relies on it less. We were up in Indiana for Spring Break and had a chance to try some acupuncture. It seemed to help too. It will be a while before we can go back. Yes there are acupuncture clinics where we live but they are more expensive. While we were visiting family we found out that not only did the short term disability get denied but Trey lost his job. We are working on a plan to stay here and have Trey finish is MBA. There just need to be a few ducks that line up for that plan to work. We know if our plan is right the Lord will help guide us.

Today was a wonderful southern spring day. We cleaned up some brush in the back yard and I mowed the lawn. Hopefully in the next week we can clean up the garden patch and get a garden planted. I swear the best way to treat stress, anxiety, and depression is service for others and gardening.

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