Saturday, May 11, 2013

To All Mothers

Today as I sit at my laptop and check Facebook I see people starting to post things about Mother's Day. As I scroll I am hit once again with how blessed I am. Squeaker may have her challenges but she is here with me. We were not plagued with fertility issues, we didn't even have to think about starting the long and difficult process of adoption, there were no miscarriages, and how blessed that we didn't loose Squeaker to anything. She is here, happy and a joy to be with.

So here are my thoughts to every woman and mother out there.

To Woman With No Human Children---

You are still mothers. In the Merriam-Webster Dictionary one of the definition of Mother is maternal tenderness or affection. Have you held a screaming child, put a band-aid on a cut, or even just listened with love to someone in need. Then you have shown maternal tenderness and affection. Just because you don't do it 24hrs a day 7 days a week makes you no less important. And most certainly if you take great care of your pets or other animals then you are a Mother. And if you are a birth mother and have given your child up for adoption you most certainly need to be celebrated. Not only did you love your child enough to find what was best for them but you gave another woman a chance to be a mother. Mothering is about love not biology.

To Woman Who are Suffering From Fertility or Adoption Issues---
As I said we didn't go through it personally but I have several dear friends you have had serious problems. I know you have a great desire to be biological or adoptive mothers. At times you may feel like you have failed or that you are broken, and you have not. I will not say you will overcome this challenge the way you want but you will overcome. If you need a little extra encouragement I suggest listening to a song called "Broken". It was written by an LDS musician named Kenneth Cope. I have found much of his music uplifting, encouraging, and empowering. This song teaches us how God loves broken things, and as my sister in law Lizzie says "Sometimes we all feel broken".

To Mothers of Angels---
Let me start by saying I can not even begin to fathom the loss you feel. I am so sorry you have that
burden to bear and that whole in your heart. Whether it was due to a miscarriage, still birth, an infantile death, or death of an older child it is still a great loss. I salute how you manage to pull yourselves out of bed and continue to love and serve the rest of your family and community. Just remember that child will always be yours. I wish on Mother's Day Heaven would open and all the lost children could come and just kiss and hug their mothers. Sadly this is not the case and each year this day passes with a greater reminder that there is a hole. May you be comforted that you are a mother and someday you will hold your little ones again.

I hope my intentions of pure love and admiration for ALL types of Mothers has come across. I wish everyone

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