Monday, May 20, 2013

War Zone

Germ warfare around here once again. Squeaker started to get sick last week while we were up in Indiana. In just a few days she went from just being grumpy to coughing, wheezing, sneezing, fever, runny nose, not sleeping (I mean really not sleeping). After one particular bad night I called the pulmonologist on call. Those docs are great, they don't make me go to the ER unless they are really worried. They just called in an antibiotic and steroids for Squeaker. The doctor also told me to use cough syrup and ibuprofen to keep Squeaker comfortable.
(In a side note Squeaker shared her germs with Trey so I have two folks to take care of)

My phone. I love it but gosh is it a hard hitter
My right eye. It's sensitive all over my nose and cheek.
I try really hard not to use ibuprofen and cough syrup because it's more meds but boy have we needed it this time around. Squeaker has just been miserable, exhausted, fussy. Temper tantrums have been plentiful. Thankfully we've only had one injury, the down side it was me. Yesterday I was trying to work on the laptop and very tired Squeaker had my cell phone so she could watch her videos. All of a sudden the phone started misbehaving and that upset Squeaker. Okay yes I could have responded a little faster to her desires but I wasn't sure what the problem was and she wasn't using words. Next thing I knew there was phone flying and headed right towards my face. I had no time to react. It hit me. I screamed Squeaker's full name and put her in an immediate time out.

Time outs in our house are being held in a lap with your arms and legs pinned so Squeaker can't move. Time is decided by age 30 seconds for every 6 months. Squeaker hates these time outs, but most of the time she gets the idea. 2.5 minutes later I was still crying in pain but Squeaker was done in time out. I looked her straight in the eye and said "Throwing is not acceptable." Squeaker hugged me and then calmly asked for some juice.

That was about 7pm, here it is 10:30am and even though Squeaker has through some pretty big tantrums she hasn't thrown anything. Which is HUGE!!!! Recently the moment Squeaker is frustrated she throws something. It probably won't last but for now I'm enjoying the quiet.

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