Friday, June 5, 2015

The Crazy Continues

I had very much intended to write a post in May. Sadly I missed that deadly. It feels as if May blew up in my face.
May 1st- My laptop died and we had to run out and by a new one. I am now using Windows 8. I am not a fan! Thankfully Windows 10 should be launching soon and I qualify for the free up grade.
May 2nd- The BAKE! The Baby And Kids Expo was my first time working the Juice Plus+ table. I spent all day talking to people about what Juice Plus+ is and how it can help the body. Squeaker stayed with Trey all day. A little scary for me but we all made it just fine.
May 5th- I finally breakdown and call the sleep doctor. For that 2-3 weeks prior Squeaker had been waking up at 12-1am and being awake for 2-3 hours. Yes folks that was as miserable as it sounds. We tried everything we could think of and it wasn't helping. Which meant it was time to call the doctor. The doctor thought about it for a day and then changed her Clonodine. It's now 1/2 Tab in the afternoon, 1 Tab at bed and 1/2 Tab 4-5 hours later. The goal being to get Squeaker back to sleep as quickly as possible. Not only does it get her more sleep but it helps re-train her brain. So far it's been going well. It's been a month and already she doesn't need that third dose every night.
May 7th- Left for Indiana. 7 HOUR DRIVE!!!! Stuck in traffic for 2.5 hours!!!
May 9th- The wedding! A sweet quiet little ceremony followed by a private luncheon. The full reception was planned for later when more of the family could come.
May 10th- Mother's Day. Drove to Nell and Jim's new house. It's wonderful to have them within 2
hours. We look forward to seeing them more often.
May 11th- Spent 3 hours re-writing my resume. And started applying for jobs close to my parents house. I'd already been applying in Alabama for 2 months with no luck. I figured it couldn't hurt.
May 15th- Started to get sick. Trey had already had flu symptoms for 2 days. Mine presented more as a sinus problem.
May 18th- Made it home in a normal 5 hours. Wahoo!
May 20th- Took Trey to get have some medical tests done. We've been waiting months for these tests.
May 21st- Full blown sinus infection and swollen lymph-nods, even took a nap by myself. What a gift.
May 22nd- I was notified of a job interview back in Indiana. For the following Thursday.
May 23rd- Very busy day and forgot it was my brother's birthday. #awfulsister
May 25th- Memorial Day. Our plumbing stopped working. The kitchen sick, the dishwasher, the laundry were all not draining properly. Just dandy. The day was so crazy we forgot to do Squeaker's infusion.
May 26th- Plumbing was fixed and I was able to start doing laundry so I could pack for Squeaker and I to go back up north. Trey was going to stay behind to take care of the animals.
May 27th- Took Trey to the doctor because he still wasn't better and his results were in. All normal... annoying. Had some lunch, drove Trey home and then Squeaker and I hit the road. 8 hours later we made it.
May 28th- Have my interview. It's actually a direct hire, so pretty much if you show up you are hired. So I have a job!!! Wahoo! Means we are moving. I don't know when the job starts yet so the moving plans are still up in the air.
May 31st- Drive around the area to see what places are safe to live.

Can you see why I feel like May blew up?? It's a little nuts.

As for June so far the crazy continues

June 1st- I was getting ready to go home when I get an e-mail to go interview for an even better job in Indiana. Wahoo! I decide to stay one more day.
June 2nd- Have the interview, pack the car, drive home, mow the lawn, pull some weeds, make dinner and do infusion for Squeaker.
June 3rd- Get an e-mail from job #1 that training starts June 10th. I have to option of waiting until the next training class but it's not scheduled yet. I became physically ill thinking about trying to move in a week. I passed on this training. 5 minutes after I decided to pass I get a phone call from job #2. This is a better job for our family. Better hours, more steady work, I wouldn't be on my feet all day. And it would allow me work around Squeaker's appointments. Well, I was offered the job. I do have to be up north to sign some
paperwork on June 10th, but the training doesn't start until July 26th. Plenty of time to pack and move.

Now we are busy packing the house, stripping wall paper, and making plans to move. Life is just a little nuts. But it's looking pretty good.

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