Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Time Flies

It's really late and I need to get to bed but I couldn't not post this.

I was making a collage of pictures for our Gastroenterologist. Tomorrow is our list time seeing him before the move. It's a little heartbreaking since he's the doctor we've had the longest. Not to mention how much of a driving force he has been in getting Squeaker the right treatment.

I decided I would make a card with pictures to remind him what much he has helped our Squeaker. As you can see she has grown up wonderfully. She is still skinny but puts on weight much easier than she used to. She sleeps better and the circles under her eyes are gone most days. I am continually amazed by her ability to love life one moment and the next be in full meltdown mode. I guess that comes with the 4 year old territory. oye...

Overall while sorting pictures and deciding what I wanted to use I couldn't help but be a little sad. Squeaker is growing up so fast. She always had a great personality but is now healthy enough to share it and tell us what she is thinking. Squeaker always wanted to be on the go and still does I don't know how she goes to far on so little sleep. Chemically I know it's the adrenaline in her system but I still think she is one of her super powers.

Mostly I was thinking about how much I love being her mom. Sure it's hard some days in general I love it. And honestly I love it more now than when she is an infant. Some of it I'm sure is there is less stress and more sleep. But I think a lot of it has to do with just getting to know her. The real Squeaker. Her thoughts, ideas, the stories she tells, and her laughter. What a sweet laugh to go with a sweet smile.

With all the crazy going on in our lives right now it was nice to take a few minutes and just remember how blessed we are. We have love, laughter, and a fantastic daughter.

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