Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Wear That You Care

I recently found out that immune issues are considered a rare genetic disorder. The Global Genes Project is devoted to looking for answers to all sorts of rare disease. But more importantly providing support for patients and families dealing with these disease that often have no name.

Also the last day of February is World Rare Disease Day. Of course there are events and even a gathering in the Washington DC. Well since we can't go to any other that (wayyy to many germs) I decided that we needed our own shirts for the day.

With a little ingenuity, a computer, a printer, the right kind of paper, and a few other things I came up with our own family t-shirts. The Zebra print is a nod to most doctor's training. They are taught that if is runs like a horse, and sounds like a horse it is probably a horse. Which means that if a patient has typical symptoms of say reflux, that's what you treat the patient for. Or if they look like they have the flu you treat them for flu. Most of the time this is a great rule to live by. But every so often if it runs like a horse and sounds like a horse it turns out to be a Zebra. People with rare disorders are Zebras.

Know someone who is a Zebra or want to show support? Make your own shirt using these graphics. Just remember when printing on transfer paper to set your printer to print in mirror image. Otherwise it will all come out sdardkcab (backwards).


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