Saturday, February 15, 2014

6 Weeks

Six wonderful as healthy as Squeaker gets weeks. No extra antibiotics, no nebulizer, normal-ish sleep, it has been wonderful. Yes Squeaker still have IVIG which did not go great so we switched to at home infusion, lots of pain killers, and sleeping medicine was still administered but that is just life. Not having the extras... wow how refreshing. Especially since most of my friends and their kids have been dealing with colds, and stomach flu. It was really nice to not be the sick family for once.

This week the weather was just crazy. Up and down, rain, sleet, ice, snow, it played havoc on Squeaker's and mine's bodies. I have the start of an ear infection, it's still just fluid so hopefully some decongestant, hot salsa, anti-plauge, and garlic will clear it all out. Squeaker has a bad cold. Congested, runny nose, wheezy, happy, grumpy, sleepy, doc.... oh wait that's not a symptom that's a dwarf lol. Right now she is getting 8 nebulizer treatments a day and Advil 4 times a day. On top of the regular stuff. I have a feeling anti-biotic and a steroid are in our future. And as bumming as that is in general it will be the first time is 6 weeks. OH HAPPY DAY!!!

I do have to say that germ warfare is a lot harder when you are one of the germ carriers. 

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