Friday, September 6, 2013

It's Medical...

I tell ya this just sucked to read. I'm not sure why since the day before I went over this information with the doctor and it was alright. I guess reading it in black and white just made it so real. Then I made a bad choice and pulled out her testing order sheet. I almost always just toss those out so I don't think about it too much. Put that day I pulled it out and looked at it....

This just sent me into worst case scenario mode and I had to look it all up. 

IgG Subclasses- Immunoglobulin G has four subclasses. Each with their own crucial roll but when all put together IgG makes up nearly 75% of Blood Plasma serum (the part of the plasma that isn't water). As part of the immune system the IgG helps kill viruses, bacteria, fungi, and neutralizing toxins. IgG can also pass through placenta to protect and unborn child while their immune system is still developing.
Mannose Binding Protein- is a lectin that is instrumental in innate immunity. I'm going to make you look those innate immunity because it's an article everyone should read. It's really fascinating. :) 

Post Pneumococal Titers- 6 weeks ago Squeaker was given a Pnumonia vaccine and pre-titers were drawn. They took the post titers so they compare and see what her body did with the vaccine. The last time we did this test it didn't look so great. It's actually what put us in the immunology clinic. 

CH50- Complement CH50 is a blood test which helps us determine any protein abnormalities and deficiencies in the complement system. This is the test that we have run no less than 4 times already and according to the doctor will be running a lot. Because even after a 100 times it being abnormal it can come back normal. 

AH50- Tests and measures alternate-pathway function of the compliment system. Another test that will probably forever be run.

Now for Factor B Antigen and Factor B Function I can't quite figure those out yet. I know they don't have anything to do with blood type. It specifically relates to the function of the B Cells in the immune system but I'm not sure how. What I do know is that Dr. Atkinson said it is the most common cause of and IgG deficiency, but the IgG deficiency it's exactly common. Yeah.. a common cause for an uncommon deficiency.
In other medical news:

Teeth 3 and 4 were extracted without a hitch. Since there are now no top front teeth Squeaker is having to have her food cut up a little more, but she is a lot happier not having rotting teeth in her mouth.

Squeaker has broken the 26lbs barrier!!! Our little girl is 26lbs and 36in tall. I LOVE seeing numbers go up!

We have begun potty training. :) I know that's not entire medical but what has stopped us in the past was as soon as Squeaker would sit down everything would squish and she wouldn't be able to get the muscle to work. In the last few weeks it's all started working.. HOORAY! She still can't use an adult sized potty, even the potty seats are too big for her. So when we go out she needs a diaper, at night time and to go poop. But when we are at home she will wear underwear and even pants over the underwear and be able to go in her potty bench. We haven't had a single accident. Of course Squeaker has had great bladder control and awareness since she was bout 9 months old we just couldn't get the muscles to work.

Lastly this week we have been dealing with some stomach issues. Trey and I are thinking she picked up a bug somewhere and stomach just decided to stop working instead of dealing with it. It does that from time to time. It just means our days are filled with lots more fluids, bathroom breaks, and little eating. Night times bring stomach cramps, tossing, turning, overall sleeplessness. The upside is so far she's only thrown up once, and in general Squeaker is pretty happy. She is such a trooper :)

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