Sunday, September 8, 2013

Family Home Evening Charts

Family Home Evening (FHE) is a program in the LDS church to help strengthen families. You can read more about it here. But the basics are the family that prays together stays together. And to help make sure the whole family is involved we make these cute little boards or charts so we can keep track of who is supposed to do what.

Well Trey and I decided it was time for a FHE chart. I want a nice wooden one but I could find one I liked. Which means I'm going to be designing and making my own, with character meant for our family. Until then I needed something. I went searching for papers and found some adorable ones at MeinLilaPark. Then I whipped these up.

Frog FHE Chart

Stars and Stripes FHE Chart

Grey FHE Chart

They print out on a standard sheet of paper. My plan is to laminate the sheet and use wooden clothes pins with our names on them. I'll post pictures of those once they are done. I was just to excited to get these done that I had to share.

You could also use magnets or once laminated you can write on it with a dry erase markers.

Have any ideas for other themes or patterns??

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