Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Fever Fussing

So as usual Squeaker has been a little under the weather for a week or so. Which isn't surprising since I was sick too. But of course Squeaker didn't get over it yet. Last Friday was the worst, oh it was awful. She was wheezing, coughing, and then the fever. Nothing major, 101.0F, but of course I had to call it in. The Pulmonologist on call was worried about the fever while on an anti-biotic. Mix a fever with a bad pnumonia season and we ended up going to the ER. Oh and they wanted her in the Birmingham ER just in case Squeaker needed admitting she needed to be at the Children's Hospital. ACK!

Before I could go to the ER I had to give Squeaker some Albuterol and Advil, doctors orders. Once in ER they checked for flu, negative. Ran a chest X-Ray, it came back clear. The ER doctor and the Pulmonary team talked and decided it was okay for us to go home. After 3 hours (the lab was backed up) we were headed home. We left the house at 3:00pm, 2 hours in the car, 3 hours in the ER, and 2 hours to get home.... it was a long afternoon.

On the drive home I felt like an idiot. I know I shouldn't because even the doctor wanted us in the ER. But social norms say kids get fevers no big deal, you give them Advil and life goes on. So for two hours I just had to kept telling myself you did the right thing. I wasn't a waste. You can let these things slide by. You never know when it will be something big.

Well couple days past and we get to today. No more fevers but still lots of coughing and wheezing. Which of course means another call to the doctors office to check in. I love the nurses at the Pulmonology clinic. They know exactly what questions to ask so they can get the right answers out of my poor fried brain.

Now what would have been the preferred treatment plan would be hold out until Thursday for Infusion therapy and we would know for sure if it worked. But since insurance is being a pain that appointment got cancelled. So we have to do a 15 day course of oral steriods. 5ml for 5 days, 3ml for 5 days and 1.5ml for 5 days. Keep up with all other meds and albuterol every 4 hours for a couple of days. Oh and Rayne isn't supposed to be in contact with anyone who is sick or could be sick. Which this time of year is just about everyone. So home bound we are for a week at least. Hopefully a week is all we need.

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