Tuesday, January 1, 2013

New Years Vacation

Finally a break from our normal craziness. A whole week of seeing family, playing in the snow, and just having fun. Also Trey and I will be celebrating out 5th Wedding Anniversary. WAHOOO!!!

This also our first vacation since finding out about Squeaker's immune system issues. To boot Squeaker is sick on top of it all. She just finished a two week course of antibiotics, she is on a second round of steroids this month and taking Albuterol every 4 hours during the day. So all of this and being in a new area with different viruses, lots of people, and a messed up sleep schedule I'm just trying to do everything I can to help keep Squeaker as healthy as I can.

Mom and I sorted through the toys and took out what couldn't really be disinfected and put them away. All of the other toys were placed in a bleach bath for an hour. Then rinsed and dried. Those toys probably hadn't be cleaned in two or more years, and have been played with no less than 15 children. Who knows what was on those suckers, but no worries now. I just never thought I would be cleaning toys found in a really clean home. And when we go to see the other side of the family all toys must be cleaned. It's a little crazy but that's our new normal. 

Of course the fun out ways the cleaning. Especially when you see moments like this. Mando playing the piano and Squeaker dancing with Grumpa.


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