Thursday, January 17, 2013

A New Challenge

Squeaker has had a full set of baby teeth for a little over a year now. Which has be awesome as I hear all the continuing teething stories from my friends. I've just been able to sit back and smile knowing Squeaker was done teething for a long time. Then today we very given our own teeth issues, rotten teeth.

Today was Squeaker's first dentist appointment. Trey and I decided to put off the dentist for so long because of her anxiety with doctors that no dentist could get in that mouth. We also talked about it with her doctors and our dentist and everyone agreed that it's not that big of a deal to wait. Most kids don't really need their teeth cleaned until 3 or 3 1/2. But after we found out about Squeaker's immune deficiency, I felt it was time to take her in. So I looked for a pediatric dentist that if needed could use nitrous oxide. I thankfully found Alabama Pediatric Dental Associates. 

This morning we went in and Squeaker loved playing out front and we just fine out back until people started putting on gloves. So the hygienist didn't trying cleaning but the doctor did have to look inside. Very quickly the dentist noticed the black on Squeaker's teeth. Mostly it's on the front four teeth and a few little spots on the molars.We had all hoped that it was just discoloration from all the medications that Squeaker has been on and still takes. Sadly we were very wrong. All that black is decay. So those four front teeth have to come out, the other ones can just be filled. My heart just sank. On some level I felt like I failed.

The dentist told me that due to her medications and drinking habits (juice and milk during the overnight) there just wasn't much we could do to prevent this. The dentist suggested switching to water if Squeaker had to drink at night. Which really doesn't do any good because it's the calories she needs. But if we keep it up we could be looking at a toothless child. So we will have to talk to the doctors about it. Maybe medicate to sleep so Squeaker won't wake up at all, who knows. I just know it's a conundrum.

So now that I've had to pause twice to write this, once to clean up and comfort a vomiting Squeaker and then again when she was finally ready to sleep, it's time for me to get some sleep. For the first time this week I don't have anywhere to be before 10am. WAHOO!!!

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