Thursday, January 10, 2013

Doctors Today

Today was a pretty stinky yet good day.

It was a long hard drive to Brimingham. It was raining, I have a head cold and Squeaker's doctors appointment was right at nap time. The appointment itself wasn't so bad. Squeaker was a little fussy but overall well behaved. I was very nervous because we were talking about long term treatment for the almost non-existent immune system Squeaker has. It's not too bad. For the next three months Squeaker has to have antibiotic twice a day. And no day care, nursery, large group play dates, pretty much anytime there are a lot of kids around, until at least April. And of course we have to keep up on being rather germ-a phobic.

If Squeaker can stay decently healthy from now until her next appointment in April-May (I can't remember which month and I'm too tired to look it up) then that's it. Every year from about November to March Squeaker will have to take antibiotics everyday. For how many years who knows but that's not too bad.

If the antibiotics don't keep Squeaker healthy then we are probably looking at IgA therapy. Which is where every month Squeaker would have an IV of synthetic immuglobulins (building blocks to the immune system). This is not a very fun treatment option so we are using as a last resort.

So we will see what the next few months hold.

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