Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Seriously, It's About Time

                                         It took 4 Years, 4 Months, and 17 Days think about that
                                                   4 YEARS, 4 MONTHS AND 17 DAYS!!!
     It took that long for Squeaker's Laryngomalacia to be resolved. That's right the LM is gone! GONE GONE GONE!!!! It is no longer swollen and it is no longer floppy. Squeaker was born with a moderate to severe case of LM. We chose not to do the surgery, okay I was scared out of it by a doctor. But any way she never had surgery, we treated with inhaled steroids and time. Knowing what
I know now I probably would have taken a different path but I can't change that now. It was hard a lot of days. REALLY HARD.
     It got very hard when at 12 months old when most kids with LM are just about out grown the issue and Squeaker was just as terrible as ever. We were still in the ER at least once a month breathing issues, its bad when the ER nurses know you by name. On top of that we were in the doctor's office about every 2 weeks too. We never had to be admitted for monitoring or spend time in the ICU. Thank-goodness Squeaker has my fantastic lung function and oxygenation.
    By the time Squeaker was 2 she was barley talking and having nebulizer treatments upwards of 10 times a day most of the time. It got a little easier when Squeaker was 26 months and started seriously talking. As she was able to start communicating more, which decreased the meltdowns. Which meant her breathing was more stable. Can you imagine being scared of your child having a tantrum because you fear they might stop breathing? How do you discipline a child that can't through a tantrum? I'll tell you it's rough and it takes a lot of patience. This year we did manage to have less ER visits.
     Just after Squeaker turned 3 we had hope again. Winter came and Squeaker stopped wheezing all the time. For 6 wonderful months there were no nebulizers, no inhalers, no ER and minimal doctors visits. It was blissful and we thought it was all done. Then summer hit. Ug we went from no inhalers to 10 times a day again. For Squeaker LM and Humidity never mixed well. We live in Alabama, you can guess that we have humidity in spades. We spent last summer inside. It was rough but breathing is more important. We even saw the ENT and he noted the LM was still present. Better but still there. uggg.
     It started to cool down for Squeaker's birthday and we were able to back off the inhalers. Breathing wise winter was just dandy. We kept up with the inhalers to help stave off infection and flu. It worked pretty well between the IGG therapy and inhalers we had very little illness. In the last couple of months I noticed that Squeaker stopped having stuttering breaths or stopping breathing while she slept. Of the years they had become less and less. When I thought out it I was hearing it maybe a couple times a month, and it was always when Squeaker was ill. Which every human does. Wahooo something normal. I also started to be able to use the humidifier in the house without Squeaker's breathing getting worse.
      Today. Today I took Squeaker to the ENT because she has been complaining for a sore throat for a long time. She also had a runny nose for a couple of months. It just didn't seem right to me. Well the ENT took a look with a rigid scope to see if Squeaker's vocal cords and airway were the issue. And they weren't they are perfectly normal. He thinks it's what is called an non allergen rhinitis. Which is a big way of saying her sinuses are reacting the pressure fronts and moisture changes. That means her poor nose is confused on if it is supposed to make mucus or not. He did suggest when we saw GI I next they may want to do a scope just to make sure their side of life is still in good order. Sometimes esophagus and swallowing pain can confused with throat pain. Especially when you have a little one who is still learning.
     So yup 4 years, 4 months, 17 days. Weighing it at 34 pounds and measuring 40.5 inches. That was when our first condition was resolved. My little Squeaker no longer Squeaks, and I couldn't be happier about it.

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