Monday, January 12, 2015

Another Challenge

Trey has been down and out, for about 3 months now. He will continue to be so for a quiet a while.
Through lots of doctors visits, testing, and resting we have learned that it is a neurological issue. Trey's brain is simply not dealing well with all the input the world gives it. He is suffering from
     For the last few months Trey has been stuck in a bed or in a recliner. He's played a lot of games, read books, and watched a lot of TV. He has started to walk with a cane and that has helped a lot. Which mean he isn't falling anymore and walking around the house isn't as tiring. He's still having to take it easy and limit his time out of the house or with certain activities. Right now the big energy suck is energy to go back to school this semester with two graduate classes. It's only been a week but so far so good. Since Trey hasn't been to work in a couple months I'm glad for him to have something to help test his limits without pushing too hard, since the classes are only a couple hours once a week. 
     As far as treatment goes week he starts a specialized physical therapy program for dizziness. Then in February he sees a neurologist. Hopefully by the time we see the neurologist we will have enough information from the therapist and from tracking daily activities that the doctor can help pin point issues. Or move directly in the testing and treatment phase instead of "try this" and "track this" phase.
     Gosh I'm tired....
headaches, fatigue, vertigo and dizziness. Yes vertigo and dizziness are two different symptoms, crazy the things you learn when you are at the doctors.

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