Thursday, September 25, 2014

She's Normal!!

It is official Squeaker is normal... well partially. I was updating her binder because we have moved from liquid to all pill medicine. And let me tell you that is AWESOME!! The battle of the yuckies is not nearly the battle it was. Honestly it isn't even a battle more nights :) But I had to adjust the information in her binder and I decided to take a look at her height and growth chart.

I was making sure all of her percentiles were right on the chart. Mostly because I was interested to see how she has compared over the years. Well I reached the last entry which was just after Squeakers 4th birthday. She was 29lbs and 40 inches. As you can imagine 29lbs is pretty light for a 4 year old. She is in the 5% percentile for weight. Honestly that is where Squeaker has been most of her life. I remember doing a happy dance when we Squeaker moved up to 5%. She from 4 months to 2 years and 4 months old she was less than 3%. TWO YEARS! So the first time we hit 5% I did a happy dance. Then the next month when it stayed up I did another happy dance. Sure I'd love for her to have more weight but as long as we are on the chart and gaining I'm a pretty happy camper.

Okay so 40 inches tall. This girl just seems tall, especially with weighing so little. I was very interested in seeing her percentile. Drum-roll please....... 55%!!!! That's right baby my kid is in a normal percentile! And, and, and it's the second highest percentile she's ever hit. (Height wise she was 90% at birth) WAHOOO!!!

Now if you can do the math this means her BMI is 0, yes I mean 0. The envy of everyone super model and she eats frosting all day :) Of course her doctors are happy about it, well neither am I  honestly. I'm just going to ignore it for now and revel in the fact that for right now she is normal.

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  1. what a fantastic milestone. So happy for you.