Sunday, January 5, 2014

Upcycled Windbreaker

For most woman if you buy them expensive jewelry or clothes you win their hearts. Well for me that doesn't work. Most clothes cause me pain and I'm allergic to most metals so jewelry is a no go. Trey knows the true way to my heart, a tool or gadget of some kind this Christmas it was a new sewing machine! I've had a sewing machine for the last few years and it most certainly has been a blessing but just look at that picture. If you sew who wouldn't want a full computerized machine? And yes I'm a Project Runway fan to that just makes it even cooler.

Then for our 6th anniversary Trey watch Squeaker all day, cleaned
house and cooked all the meals so I could lock myself in the sewing room with a big project. I was making a new messenger bag for Infusion days. A bag to hold the laptop, a pocket for the tablet, space for a couple of water bottles, a few snacks, diapers, and a couple of small books. Our diaper bag is close to holding everything but the laptop. The new bag is just a little bigger and with pockets for the electronics.

Now money is tight right now, so I wasn't able to buy any fabric. It all had to come from my stores, which is mostly flannel. Then I found my old middle school color blocked windbreaker. (Sorry no before picture) I have been meaning to take it apart and use it in a quilt. I did a few measurements and realized I could use it for the bag. Which would give the bag great color and the windbreaker was nylon what an awesome fabric for a traveling.  Dug a little further in my tote and I found some good fabric for the lining. Don't ask me what it's made of, it was a remnant I picked up somewhere along the way.

After carefully seam ripping the jacket to pieces I cut it up according to my pattern. Then cut and
sewed the lining. Then I sewed the bag. Attached the two parts and Ta Da! The strap will probably get shortened but overall I'm in love.

Final measurements are about 17 inches wide not including side pockets. 3 inches deep and 12 inches tall.

The tablet pockets are the jacket pockets just put in the bag.
The side pockets were cut 8x10 rectangles (I think) and the elastic on the pockets is the elastic cuffs from the sleeves.

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