Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Well That Stunk...

A Day At The Botanical Gardens
Made an oh so wonderful trip to Birmingham today. Please note that is to be taken with extreme sarcasm.

Today we saw Dr. Atkinson, who is an Immunologist. We arrived late due to traffic, but thankfully doctor Atkinson is usually running late so it's not like it put him behind. The visit to the nurses station was kind of fun. Squeaker didn't fuss or scream. She stood on the scale, stood tall for her height, sat for her temp, and BP. She had a great smile for the nurses. Then the numbers came... BP was a little high but not bad. She came it at 36 inches, can you believe it Squeaker is 3ft tall. Then over course the number that keeps me biting my nails, the weight. 24.5lbs. My heart just sank. Both of the nurses looked at me sad what's wrong. I said, "she's lost." Both nurses shared a sad face. One of the nurses usually works in our Pulmonologist's office and was almost as heart broken as I was because she knows how hard every once has been.

Moving on. Sadly Dr. Atkinson did not have the test results back... well he had them back but from the wrong lab. Which meant he wasn't confident in the results. The were testing Squeaker's here. Squeaker's first set of results came back in the low normal range so Dr. Atkinson wants to see if is second lab got the same thing. Which meant we had to do yet another blood draw..... Oh and it gets worse.

Last year Dr. Makris did a test where he ran a specific blood panel gave Squeaker a Pneumonia vaccine and six weeks later tested to see how her system responded. That test is what triggered our trek into the world of immunology. Also it would hopefully give Squeaker some extra protection from Pneumonia it self. Well we are doing it again. Yes that means not only did Squeaker have blood drawn today she had a shot too. Poor kid. She was very sore from the shot and then had to be held down for lab work. I'm just very glad she is at the age where stickers can make some of the worst things in life okay.

Now I don't know what I want the test to show. If Squeaker's results come back better then we have
Playground Fun After A Long Day
no clear answers about what's going on. Then again if Squeaker's results come back the same or worse then we have a clue what is going one, but we have to deal with treatment. Which I'm told is a pain but very doable. I don't remember exactly what it entails but I'm not going to worry about it right now.
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On the brighter side Squeaker had a good sized dinner. A few bites of Chicken Burger, half of a larg fry, and half a vanilla milkshake. WAHOO!! By the time we got back to Huntsville it was 7:30 and Squeaker never had a nap. To keep her happy and awake I decided to take Squeaker to a park. It was a blast!

Now we are home, cleaned up and Squeaker is passed out on the couch. Okay so maybe it didn't stink that bad.....

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