Tuesday, July 23, 2013

It Really Works

I was raised by a woman who grew up in California in the 60s and 70s. No she's not totally left wing but she is very driven by homeopathic medicine. We saw doctors, treated with splints, antibiotics, and even immunizations, all be it not as many as the CDC would have liked. Before seeing the doctor we would have warts and ingrown toe nails dug out at home. Rashes were rubbed down with essential oils, chicken pox sent us into oatmeal baths, and when a sore throat hit lemon honey tea was our friend. Having balance was a great way to grow up for me and I've tried vary hard to do it with Squeaker.

Recently Squeaker has been acting like she had pain in her mouth. It started mid last June just before we got home from the "family reunion". Since she had a cold I just figured it was a sore throat. As she looked and acted healthier Squeaker was still grabbing her teeth a lot. On July 3rd we headed to the dentist. And guess what? Two more teeth need to come out. I asked Dr. Brandon, her dentist, if there was anything we could do to stop from loosing teeth. Obviously he mentioned that stopping the night time bottles would make a huge difference but for Squeaker weight and health far out weigh tooth loss. It's so nice
to have yet another supportive doctor. Sadly due to the type of procedure Squeaker needs she couldn't get a time slot until August 20th. BOOOO! The only way to get her in sooner would have been to do it at the hospital again which would cost me about $300. Doing it in office is $20. Money wasn't the only factor going to the hospital would mean general anesthesia. In office is a waking sedation, which is preferable.

We had been surviving on Advil at night for a while. 1tsp before bed made for much better sleep and happier mornings. After we found out the teeth was the problem we started doing 1/2 tsp before nap
This stuff is about $1 an ounce or 20 cents a teaspoon

too. Very quickly we noticed that it wasn't enough. Squeaker's sleep was very disrupted which turned into rough and long days. I called the dentist to see if we couldn't get some heavier medicine to help our poor little girl. They graciously obliged with a regimen of antibiotics and codeine. Which have been working great.... a little too great. Apparently Squeaker is like me and when she takes pain killers they make her feel good and want to do anything and everything. That means we are back to having a child that doesn't sleep.

First thing I did was go back to Advil during the day and once out for night Squeaker gets the heavy stuff.  Sleep returned to our lives. But days were still rough, and rightfully so. Remember the pain you had in your mouth before and or after you had your wisdom teeth removed?? That's what Squeaker is going through, only she isn't quite three and has no clue why she hurts and what she needs. I needed something else to help her during the day.

Sunday night I tore apart my Baltic Amber Necklace. For those who don't know Baltic Amber is a resin found in eastern Europe. When the amber is worn next to the skin it releases oils that work their way into the blood stream. These oils can be healing and pain relieving in most people. To read more about the history of Baltic Amber and it's uses head over here. Alright back to life.

I took apart my necklace and restrung it into two necklaces one for me and one for Squeaker. I have had some success with my necklace helping my Fibromyalgia, so I wasn't ready to give it up entirely. After Squeaker feel asleep I put the necklace on her and gave her the medicine. The night was great. A year of nights like that and by golly we both might feel rested. :) What took me by surprise was the next day. Squeaker was happy, awake, and calm. Now I know some of that comes from a good nights sleep but this is better than I seen her behave in probably a month. About lunch time Squeaker took of her necklace and put it aside. But still remained a happy girl, who wanted to eat. Not just soft foods what ever she wanted and no crying about it. Oh and by the way we had not given her ANY pain killers. By nap time Squeaker was still feeling so good she didn't want to sleep. I'm sure most parents would say just let her skip nap, yeah not happening here. When your child is that sleep deprived for that long you only skip nap when you absolutely have too. It took me holding her in a tight grip (not painful, just enough she couldn't get away) for about 10 minutes and she was out cold. And no she wasn't crying during that time, so it didn't wear her out. 3 hours later she woke up still happy. It was an amazing change from the days before.

At the Water Park Event Sponsored By Her Dentist's Office
The rest of the night was fairly routine and after Squeaker was out I put the necklace back on her and gave her the Codeine. Well the necklace came off in the middle of the night and due to stomach issues it was a little rough on the little one... okay on both of us. While trying to put the necklace on Squeaker after she was awake it broke, and today has been long. Even with pain killers she still has been sore, grouchy and very particular about what she has eaten. After a 3 and a half hour nap today which she feel asleep all on her own for, she was still a little grouch.

As of now I just need a clasp so I can make a new necklace for Squeaker. I'm not sure I can live another 4 weeks without that. Even if it only helps a little I'll take it. There are a lot of things in life we have to learn to deal with but pain is one I'd like to put off for my little girl as long as possible.


  1. I would be on the line with the dentist and tell them... any time, any day... any cancellation, you will willingly drop everything to bring her in for the procedure. I'd detail the undue hardship and the impact on her health. Make her a person... not an item in an appointment book.

  2. We've been talking to them. If a cancellation comes up we will be be called. But because of the type of procedure it is people almost never cancel. Thankfully we had an open schedule in the first place and could get her in August. The next opening was in October because people with busy schedules took all the ones in between.

  3. Hello,
    I've bought a great multi-colour amber teething necklase from Amber boutique about a month ago for my little girl. After only a couple of days wearing it she started sleeping better and she also looked visibly more relaxed and calm. Didn't think this necklase would work, but I was wrong. Also it looks very nice :)
    Best wishes,