Thursday, February 14, 2013

Another Step

What started as a simple cough for Squeaker turned into wheezing. Not uncommon for her. I just started adding albuterol to her morning treatment. It kept the wheezing at bay and Squeaker seemed to be getting better. Then on February 8th Squeaker had oral surgery.

Trey and Squeaker cuddling after surgery
Surgery went fine, she had her two top front teeth removed due to decay. 18 months (she got teeth at 6 months) of antibiotics, breathing treatments and overnight drinking caused some serious tooth problems. But after 1hr and 10 minutes Squeaker had two teeth pulled, about 4 fillings put in, a full cleaning, and teeth sealed. She was a trooper and did great. The anesthesiologist noticed excess mucus in Squeaker's nose and throat. He warned me she could be getting a cold.

Guess what showed up the next day? That's right a cold! By Monday breathing for Squeaker was not the easiest. Call the Pulmonologist and they started her on oral steroids and a high dose antibiotic. Today we had to go to down to Birmingham to see the Pulmonolgist because Squeaker wasn't getting better.

The appointment was good and bad. Lets go good first
Good- Oxygen levels fine, Temperature fine, Squeaker is a little taller (34 inches), and it's just a cold. We just have to stick to it and she'll be fine.
Bad- It's never fun to just wait out a virus, Squeaker caught a very tough cold while taking a prophylactic antibiotic, and lastly she has lost nearly a pound in the last week. At the time of surgery Squeaker was 24lbs in just her pjs. Today she is down to 23lbs 3oz. Ouch

What does this all mean?? In a couple weeks we start IgA therapy. (please note the price listed on the website is not our out of pocket cost) In basic terms they take human plasma, separate several parts, sterilize it and put it in an IV bag. Then it is infused into my little girl to help boost and fill in the holes of her immune system. Hopefully this will stop her from getting so sick. If your body isn't overdrive maybe she can keep and put on some weight.

So another step into working to get our little girl healthy for the long term.

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