Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Summer to Fall

After several months without IGG she started to have terrible mood swings and anxiety. We chalked a lot of it up to her not feeling well without the IGG. It just kept getting worse and worse. Then we got a call in late August that her immunologist wasn't taking her insurance anymore, delaying the re-testing process. Since we couldn't count on IGG leveling Squeaker out we decided to have her see a therapist. We found a counselor that specializes in kids, and in a few weeks Squeaker was communicating her fears and needs to us better. Trey and I were better equipped to help her through her issues without constantly fighting. We still have have issues from time to time but we are much happier family by working together.

Fall started out pretty good. We celebrated Squeaker's 6th birthday. That was quite the event. It was the first time we invited friends. There ended up being 55 people that showed up!! A lot of that was adults but boy was it a party. At one point it got pretty noisy, common there was 55 people there, instead of melting down Squeaker grabbed her earmuffs to help block the sound. She kept them on for the rest of the party and had a grand old time. I was really impressed with her maturity to recognize the issue and cope with it all on her own.

A couple days later Squeaker had her 6 year check up. She weighed in at 41.5 lbs and measured 45.5 inches. Everything was looking good at the time, it was a nice easy visit. Next it was time to see the o the dentist. When I made the appointment the plan was to fix a cracked filling. It would probably be a soft filling since it was a baby tooth. When the dentist started to remove the old filling he saw a lot more damage than anticipated. A LOT more. Right then and there in the office Squeaker had a root canal and a crown put on. She was pretty miserable until
after she had a 3 hour nap. By the next day your would have never known she had a major dental procedure done. What a trooper.

There were a couple run in with sinus infections over the next month or so. In October we met with a Geneticist. And with the basic screening she is genetically fine. That doesn't mean there isn't an issue in her DNA somewhere but the most common chromosomes are in good shape. Which points to it being an immune system function issue. A few weeks later we met with the new immunologist and she sent out for a TON of new labs. She wasn't to figure out where the core issue is. We don't go back until mid January but that's okay. Having waited this long I'd rather see the testing process through before we go on IGG so that we don't have to but Squeaker through this ever again.

Why you may ask? Because it's sucked. Granted we've been blessed that Squeaker has been decently stable without IGG but right now we are back in the hospital. That's right we went 5.5 years without being admitted to the hospital due to illness and in 5 months we've done it twice. This time it looks like a respiratory virus is to blame. She's lost a lot of fluids in the last few days and it's taking a some larger doses of meds to keep the fever down. Given her history the doctors don't want to play around with it. Squeaker is currently here on a 23hr watch but if her fever won't stay down who knows what the will do. To top it off it's finals week for Trey. Thankfully his projects are team work and 99% done and I don't have to work right now. Still it stinks.

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