Wednesday, June 8, 2016

I Was Away, Overnight!

I was given an opportunity to go work an event in Indianapolis. Specifically the Indy 500. It would mean long days, short nights and being away from the family. It was the first time ever I spent the night away from Squeaker. Honestly the longest I had even been away from Squeaker before was about 12 hours. So to suddenly be gone for days at a time would be a huge change for all of us.

Guess what, we survived. It was hard, we had some challenges, and there were tears but we made it work. We learned that Squeaker wouldn't go into major meltdown mode. Which has been known to happen when mommy leaves.

Next step, Mommy and Daddy go somewhere together overnight. It will be quiet a while before we try that one but we see the light.

In other news, Squeaker is sick. Sadly being without infusion is taking a toll on her little body. We've
had GI issues come up we haven't seen in almost 2 years. Last week she started complaining of a sore throat, had cough, mild ear ache. Then Sunday mix in lethargy, vomiting and a slight fever we had a rough night. Monday we saw our family doctor she was hoping it viral but gave us a antibiotic if the fever went up, she was even more fatigued or symptoms worsened. The doctor was hopping we wouldn't need it but alas we did. Oh and Squeaker had lost weight just about 2lbs in one day. From vomiting and not eating I'm sure. Its just so hard to put on weight an loss is hard.

Hopefully she starts to feel better soon because next week we all head to Cub Camp. Squeaker is going to be attending their day Camp I'm working in the Kitchen and Trey is getting caught up on some school work. For us this is will be like her first day at Kindergarten. She will be on her own with kids her own age, but no family. Its a big deal, we are very excited

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