Sunday, January 24, 2016

Something Normal

   Once and a while something "normal" happens. This time it was lost teeth. Squeaker has now lost two teeth a completely normal way. They went loose and then came out.
   The first one was a big surprise. It was about a month ago and I was getting ready to leave for work
and Squeaker came down saying her mouth hurt and it was wet. I look at her mouth and a bottom tooth was gone. My response was "Oh my gosh you lost your tooth." I asked Squeaker what she did with it and she said I spit it out in my room. Sure enough we go in there and on the floor is her tooth.
   What made it even funnier was I had to look up what a normal lost tooth looked like. All of her other teeth were pulled. Leaving large holes in her gums and giant roots on the teeth. This looked very different. It was normal... so strange.
   Then it happened a couple again a couple of days ago. This time we were prepared. We watched the tooth as it progressed. Watched it loosen and move around in her gums. Then "pop" it came out. A lot less blood this time. Squeaker even called me at work to let me know it happened. She really is adorable.
   Our life usually anything but normal. Which makes us appreciate the little "normal" things that happen.

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