Sunday, November 23, 2014

Starting To Choose

    Surprise, surprise Squeaker is sick again. Nothing major just a cold but it is enough to make her miserable and start another antibiotic. Of course Squeaker has been having some massive headaches with all the sinus pressure. The last week or so I've been offering extra pain killers to Squeaker at nap and bedtime. She has been accepting them and yes they have been helping. Then Friday night around 11:30 Squeaker woke with a terrible headache. When I offered some extra pain killer she said "no."
     Honestly I was pretty surprised. I couldn't figure out why my 4 year old, or any 4 year old, would turn down a chance to feel better. It was just so dumb founding. I thought about giving the medicine to her anyway but I stopped myself. Trey and I have been working really hard and letting Squeaker make choices for herself and letting her have some control. Especially about medicine. There is so much she HAS to take everyday and every week. For the night I decided not to press the issue. Yes Squeaker was miserable, fussy and a little loud. I felt she had a right to choose not to take the medicine. She even refused essential oils, back rubs, and a head massage. Pretty much anything I offered Squeaker would turn down. It was hard and sad that she was turning away from all the help I could give but I knew I had to let her chose.
     Now I'm sure you could say, "She's 4 she doesn't get a choice." or "If she is being loud and disruptive then you need to make that stop." And as valid as those ideas are and I have taken those stances before it just didn't feel right for Friday night. Now I will say I had picked a time in my head (12:15am) that if Squeaker hadn't settled into being quiet and calm that I was going to "drug" her. Because sleep is precious around here and I had no desire to be up all night. Pleasantly in the end I didn't have to give Squeaker any medicine.
     Since Squeaker had denied having "tickles", which is what we call essential oils, but I felt she really needed something I went and pulled out the humidifier. Now the humidifier is a scary thing for me. Squeaker does not do well in heat or humidity. The humidity really messes with her breathing. Which yes makes summers in Alabama very interesting.  In the past the humidifier has caused some serious and scary breathing issues. So yes I fear the humidifier. I needed a way to deliever the oils, and the humidifier was all I had. I carefully filled it with water and oil and plugged it in. Turned it on low, said a prayer and hoped for the best. In a couple of minutes our little corner smelled of mint and lavender. I started to feel confident this would help. Sure enough after about 5 minutes Squeaker settled down a little and stole my popcorn snack.
      After snacking for a little while Squeaker asked for her juice and just after midnight she was off to dreamland. Where she stayed for about 3 hours. Not to shabby if you ask me.
     Do I know what the root problem was? Nope. Do I know exactly what helped? Nope. I do know that Squeaker is learning about her body and how to handle it. There will be plenty of times to come where she will have to endure pain, suffering, and hardship. Is it sad she is starting so young? Yes it is. That is something I can't change though. I can only teach her that sometimes you take the medicine, sometimes you just deal, and sometimes you take the risk and turn on the humidifier.

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