Sunday, June 22, 2014

Fake It Project- Sharpie Tie-Dye

This visit up north Squeaker was already on a strong antibiotic so I decided it was a great time see all the cousins. I know it sounds a little backwards but it does work for us. It turned out that only Lizzie, Brad and their kids were available. But with 5 kids 7 and under and all with special needs well it's not like we could just go to the park, or zoo, or whatever. It takes just a little more planning. We need some focus or a project to help in keeping the kids focused on positive things. That's how we keep the kids from getting into fights.

The plan was made to go out to Lizzie and Brad's house. With all the therapy stuff, play stuff, and a pool there was a lot to help keep the kids happy. And then I thought, what about a "Fake It" Project to help keep the kids focused. Something fun and enjoyable but super easy to put together.

Every so often I do what I call a "Fake It" Project. It's not a perfectly finished edges, the lines may not be straight, or it may just be unfinished. It may not be the best but it does the job. And then some day I may take the time to make it nice, pretty, and perfect. So it's Fake It until I Make it! :)

I found some light/heat blocking fabric at Joanns. Cut it up and hemmed it so it would hang on a curtain rod. But that wasn't very pretty, curtains in kids rooms should be fun. So I thought lets but something fun in front of the Light Blocking Fabric. Why not Sharpie Tie-Dye Curtains!!!

Materials Needed:
Cut, Washed, and Hemmed for Hanging Fabric
    ---We used White Muslin. I Zig-Zag stiched the edges to cut down on the raveling 
Sharpie Permeate Markers
    ---Sharpie brand work best. You can try fine and chisel tips. Extra fine point won't work.
91% Rubbing Alcohol
    ---We bought 3 32oz bottles and used 2 on about 8 yards if fabric
Spray Bottles
Cheap Shower Curtains
    ---Dollar Store ones work great
Masking Tape

Clean off your table or work area. Outside works great since alcohol can be stinky. Lay down the shower curtains and tape them down. Then put your fabric down and tape down if you need too. Put the alcohol in the spray bottles.

Get out those sharpies out and start coloring! Big shapes and thick lines work best. And lots and lots of colors!!!
Once you are done coloring get ready to spray. You can spray in the same spot you colored or you can move it out to another table or grass. Just make sure it's a place you don't mind getting ink on, or cover it. We did it in the grass.
Now spray, spray, spray. You want to saturate the fabric with the alcohol. That will give the best run of the colors.
Then just leave it to dry.

To make sure the color is good and set toss it in the dryer for a few minutes. When you need to wash your project just wash on cold and dry.

It was a great project. All the kids (ranging from 7-2) enjoyed doing. The kids were super excited to have their own art work on the windows.

This style of Tie-Dye will work on pretty much any cotton fabric. Lizzie is planning on doing some t-shirts, and bags for the family. Last Christmas I did this treatment on homemade super hero capes, those were a hit too.

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