Monday, November 11, 2013

What a Month

 We fought and beat two rounds of bronchitis. More importantly we have had a few "healthy" days in there. Which we just went out and enjoyed greatly. We taught Squeaker how to gather pecans, do split jumps and to say "I love you more". Sure our month was a little hectic but a lot of fun.

In other news I talked to the Immunology Insurance Coordinator, Jan, today and well she wasn't happy. Apparently the doctor never told Jan Squeaker needed to put through for IVIG therapy. So the process was never started. Jan told me she would get on it today and put it through as a rush order so hopefully we can have our first infusion in the the next couple weeks :)

On Thursday we have a sleep study for Squeaker. I was hoping to do one at home but since we are
seeing a new doctor he wasn't to try the hospital first. Our new sleep doctor, Doctor Roy is a fun guy. Not only is he best friends with Squeaker's Pulmonologist but he is open to real life. He didn't care that Squeaker and I still co-slept, and that if I say Squeaker is having hard time sleeping then she is. So if the hospital sleep study comes back normal we will do other tests. Wahoo! I love doctors that believe me.

Um yup that's it... short and sweet because well I want to sleep :)

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