Friday, June 28, 2013

Family Fun

Braces Kids- Retro, LR, and Dane
   My side of the family had a little reunion. Almost everyone was there but it was little because it was during Cub Camp so we were all running in a million directions. Since my brother Shwaa and his family are moving to Germany with the Army I was happy to get whatever time I could get. We greatly missed Alan and Annie but we still had fun. It would have been great to do more together but
it was nice to see so much of the family.

   I spent most of the week with Nell and Byrd. Byrd is about a year younger than Squeaker (and almost as big lol) so they were able to have a lot of fun together. Since Jim was going to be gone for the next week out hiking with some friends Nell and the girl stuck around a couple days. It was nice to have the time to catch up and watch the girls play.

   One of my favorite things we did was bowling. A local alley runs a summer special of 1.25 a game. So G-ma thought it would be fun for all. G-ma was right. We got a bummer lane for Jbug, Squeaker, and Byrd. Then Nell, Retro and I played on a regular lane. G-ma helped the
little girls. We only played 10 frames since nap time was coming up but it was a lot of fun. The girls just had a blast. Byrd and Squeaker would jump and clap for the pins going over. Then Jbug went and scored and 80! Retro was the only one that scored higher with an 88.

   After Nell and the girls left Retro and I had one more adventure. We went to a drive in movie. That's right they still exist. This one is about 25 minutes from my parents home and reasonably price. $10 for adults and $5 for kids. Under 3 Free. Oh did I mention it's a double feature if  stay that late, and you can bring your own snacks and drinks. They have a stand too with good stuff but you don't have to use it. Also they had a play ground for the little ones to play on while you waited. Retro hadn't been to a drive in and I hadn't been for a while so it was fun. We took Squeaker but of course she slept through both Monsters University and Iron Man 3.

   As much we have to go one with life even though Squeaker is chronically ill, eventually it all comes back to reality. Squeaker has come down with an upper respiratory infection. So back to albuterol every 4 hours and more antibiotics. Hopefully we can knock this out of her and stay off of the oral steroids.

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